ANTHELIOS. Weather reactive DOOH ad
Three digital mockups
for diferent weather
FANTA on the DNP
DNP CITY City Centre & Premium
Bright Fanta DOOH adverts
KHRESHCHATIK ice-creem DOOH advertising
Sweet and tasty DOOH
Driv-in Cinema at Unit.City, Kyiv, Ukraine
Digital Out-of-Home media in Ukraine
Digital Network Panel at Kyiv Central Railway Station
City-lights (6 sheet format) & City-boards in Kyiv
Clients in Digital Network Panel Boulevard Taras Shevchenko, Kyiv
Digital Network Panel Boulevard Taras Shevchenko, Kyiv
Digital Network Panel Presentation on Kyiv International Advertising Festival
Digital Network Panel in KYIV International Airport
Live Portrait Application in KYIV International Airport Magazine
Video Wall in Terminal B (Business Aviation & Private Jets) of KYIV International Airport
Ad campaign for SHELL from the MediaCom | Group M and "RTM-Ukraine". Production — MVG. Autumn 2017, Kyiv
Press conference of Kyiv Authorities and Ukrainian Outdoor Companies Association 30.05.2017 due to new Rules of Outdoor Advertising Placement in Kyiv. Some important thoughts from Oxana Polischuk (Association) and Oleg Nevelchuk, "RTM-Ukraine" General Manager.
Brand — Schweppes. Agency — Performics Ukraine.
Exposed — RTM-Ukraine. May, 2017, Kyiv
Brand - Oreo. Agency - Starcom Ukraine. Production - Megapolis.
Exposed - RTM-Ukraine. March, 2017, Kyiv
The SkyLine ad on the columns at Terminal A of Kyiv Airport
"RTM-Ukraine" CEO Oleg Nevelchuk to Detector Media. All the text in Ukrainian by link.
The installation of Porsche Panamera for the exposure at Terminal A
of the Kyiv Airport (Zhuliany)
"All miles". Presentation of a travel map in the terminal B and on the
airfield of Kyiv Airport (Zhuliany)
Mercedes-Benz test drive on the airfield of Kyiv Airport (Zhuliany)
Fashion show "Most beloved" in Terminal B and on the airfield of Kyiv Airport
Advertising on the main arches on highways of Ukraine
Internet advertising at Kyiv Airport (Zhuliany). Free Wi-Fi for
passengers, guaranteed ad views for clients
Architectural lighting of columns at Terminal A of the Kyiv Airport
"Valuе space with Jeep!". Non-standard advertising at the baggage
reclaim area of Terminal A in Kyiv Airport
Case. Digital screen as a participant of TV project "Polovinki" on New Channel
How dynamic advertising formats function. City-lights on the
Shevchenka Boulevard, Kyiv, Ukraine
The LEDs on the scrolling billboards
Transit shelters from "RTM-Ukraine". Modern European street furniture
in Ukrainian cities
RTM-vlog. One day in Bila Tserkva: the installation of 2 transit
shelters and illumination
City improvement projects that combine advertising and social
infrastructure objects. Vinnytsia
City improvement projects. Illumination on the Pirogiv Boulevard. Vinnytsia
Advertising on railway transport from advertising company "RTM-Ukraine"
The project of Foundation "Native Country" to the Independence Day.
Great voices of Ukrainian poets "sound" on the streets of Kiev