For Outdoor Advertising integrated into the urban environment is the future of Ukrainian Outdoor
Bila Tserkva
May 1, 2010 the first transit shelters of European standard appeared in Kiev: 2 bus shelters on Peremohy Square. The quality, design and used materials of transit shelters were unique in the capital at that time.

"RTM-Ukraine" transit shelters made of steel with a special corrosion-resistant coating and covered with aluminum profile which, in turn, is covered by the architectural powder paint especially resistant to scratches and other household damages.

For side and back walls, city-lights and boards, the tempered glass is used. The roof is made of especially strong glass with the matte film making a shade in pavilion.

As a rule, in the European constructions metal benches are installed. "RTM-Ukraine" has improved this element, having put wooden benches in the pavilions. They keep the same temperature all year round.

Unique technologies and high quality materials guarantee at least 10-year operation of transit shelters without annual repainting and upgrades.
In 2010 the Group of Companies "RTM-Ukraine" successfully completed a 2-year project on installation of street furniture in the main streets and squares of Odesa.

There were installed new transit shelters, park benches and l lanterns, modern scrolling billboards and city-lights.

This is the first project of comprehensive improvement of the city for "RTM-Ukraine" and one of the first in the country project of installation of street furniture as an advertising carrier.
According to Kharkiv authorities' decision (2012/03/06) outdoor operator "RTM-Ukraine" has claimed a winner of competition for landscaping Kharkiv streets with street furniture elements.

"RTM-Ukraine" is given the right to install such landscape elements as transit shelters in the city streets areas: Moskovskyi prosp., Kirova, Kooperatyvna, Plehanivska, Aeroflotska, University St., Armyansky and Banny lanes, Rybna and Povstannya Square.

26.06.2015 "RTM-Ukraine" became the winner of competition on the deployment of elements of improvement on Moskovskyi prosp.: from Korsykovskogo to the intersection with Kharkivskyh Dyviziy str.

Altogether in Kharkiv "RTM-Ukraine" installed more than 30 modern transit shelters. 12 city information panels of format 3x6 m and 22 led constructions in the shape of a star along the Moscovskyi prosp. completed the project of "RTM-Ukraine" in Kharkiv.
20.06.2013. Session of the Executive Committee of the city Council of Vinnitsa approved the Agreement on the implementation of the project of complex improvement of the territory Kotsyubynskoho str. (including Heroiv Stalingrada Square) between the Executive Committee of the Vinnytsia city Council and LLC "RTM-Ukraine".

July-November 2013 the Operator of outdoor advertising "RTM-Ukraine" improves Kotsyubinskoho prosp.: there were established and transferred to the city's balance 6 modern transit shelters. Transit shelters service is carried out by "RTM-Ukraine".

The operator established and transferred to the city's balance unique illumination designed specifically for Vinnitsa by Austrian company "MK ILLUMINATION": 10 light constrictions on Kotsyubinskoho prosp., 98 individual elements in lighting supports, 10 trees decorated with art lighting. All elements created with using of energy saving technologies.

On the Avenue, a length of 3 km, there were installed only 30 of advertising carriers of small and medium city formats: city- lights and scrolling billboards. All the carriers are modern, European-styled and stylish.

16.10.2014. Investment contract "About implementation of the project of complex improvement of Pyrogova str. and Soborna str." between the Executive Committee of Vinnytsia city Council and LLC "RTM-Ukraine" (Decision of the Executive Committee No. 2302 of 16.10.2014).

October-December 2014. "RTM-Ukraine" installed and transferred to the city's balance 4 s transit shelters in Soborna str., the main street of Vinnitsa. It is completely free of advertising, because it is a historical part of the city.

The highlight of this stage of the Project is unique illumination over the Boulevard area of Pyrogova street, consisting of 10 3D figures in two motives - "People" and "Birds".

January-February 2015. The operator installed 30 modern advertising carriers of small and medium city formats in Pyrogova str.: 22 city-lights (1,2x1,8 m) and 8 scrolling billboards (3,h,32 m).
в Виннице
October 2015. "RTM-Ukraine" performed works on improvement of a small area of territory in Levanevskogo str. 2 transit shelters of European sample were established there. Partners of "RTM-Ukraine" in Bila Tserkva assembled in one of the transit shelters an automatic recharge and free Wi-Fi spot.

This project also includes such elements as poster stand, 1 prism, architectural lighting of the colonnade and steps at an entrance to the Park. All the lights in projects of "RTM-Ukraine" — only with the use of energy-saving technologies. Illumination is created from LED cords, their total power consumption of energy is not more than 0.5 kW/hour. For comparison: only 1 lamp for lantern consumes 200-300 Watts / Hour.
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