Send a request to Manager in the form of "Feedback" at the bottom of the page. Specify the time, city of placement and the communicative goals of your campaign.
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Coordination of the Address Program. It specifies the addresses of carriers locations, media rates of planes and the cost of rent. Manager will help you with the choice based on the communicative goals of your campaign.
Chosen by you planes become reserved: You have 1-3 days for a decision about the rent. After the confirmation of the rent we book planes for you.
We need to see your advertising plot (if you haven't got it our designers will help you to create it). Lawyers will check the plot for compliance with the laws of Ukraine. Contract Department will prepare a Contract specifying the conditions of our cooperation. Invoicing arrangement, campaign pre-payment is required. You can order prints of the posters through us. In this case we provide you with the logistics for the delivery of posters from the printing house to the services.
The service teams need 3-5 days to place the campaign of our customers on advertising carriers. Then within the time specified in the Contract we provide you with photo reports. During the period of exposure Monitoring service carry out a detour of advertising network to monitor the quality of campaigns. Possible problems are eliminated in the terms and conditions specified in the Contract.
At the end of the campaign we remove your plot from advertising surfaces, close all documents on the campaign. According to the results of exposure might be carried out the summing up and analysis of your campaign compared to the Outdoor advertising competitors.
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Technical requirements for ad mock-up & poster development
Here are some frequently asked questions about outdoor advertising. If you do not find the answer in this list, please ask your question in the form "Feedback".
What legislative acts the outdoor advertising of Ukraine is regulated by
The placement of outdoor advertising in Ukraine is governed by the Law of Ukraine "On advertising", "Model rules of placement of outdoor advertising" (resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 2067 dated 29.12.2003), Rules and regulations of outdoor advertising in cities and some other normative acts.

An important trend in recent years is the adoption by municipalities of the Concepts of outdoor advertising, regulating aspect of zones, types of carriers, rules of their placement in each city, as well as describing the path of development of outdoor advertising as an important part of the urban environment and urban economy. The current Concept of development of outdoor advertising of Kiev at this link. Similar documents of other cities, please search on the websites of the municipalities of each city.
How is the outdoor advertising of Ukraine measured
In the year 2011 the Industrial Committee of Outdoor Advertising (ICOA), which includes leading operators and advertising agencies, for the first time held an open tender and chose a unified researcher of Outdoor advertising, which was recommended to the market. They were the company Doors Consulting and Communications Alliance, that have carried out work on study and monitoring of outdoor advertising of Ukraine since that.

An important step forward for the market was the ordering of the Classifier in the studies of outdoor advertising that is aligned with classifiers of other media, especially television. This has significantly simplified the work with OOH of large system clients.

ICOA continues to work on the creation and implementation of common standards for the industry of outdoor advertising, that are necessary for evolving Ukrainian OOH and becoming more transparent and understandable for advertisers of any level.

Up to date has created and published a Glossary of OOh terms, which contains the key concepts of the market. The unification of a work vocabulary is an important step towards the formation of market standards, which will allow customers and performers of advertising works to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

In 2019 ICOA put implemented digital panels into the OoH research. The Committee has added digital panels and process description into the Industrial Glossary. You can find the DOOH part of the Glossary by the link.
"The billboards in the center", or Why such a request is incorrect
"We need billboards in the center of Kiev (Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv,..), please send the net" — such requests are rare but are still coming to our company. Typically from new Clients, who use outdoor advertising not often. Unfortunately, their request could not be satisfied.

All the major cities of Ukraine, all regional centers and a number of smaller cities have adopted the concept of placing of outdoor advertising, one of the main principles of which is conditional division of the city on the format zones. "0" — the historical center, free from advertising at all; "1" — city advertising format of not more than 2.14 sq m (the area of a city-light with advertising surface 1,8x1,2 m); "2" — area of small and medium format, not more than 8 sq. m. Medium format advertising is usually determined by the area up to 12 sq. m, and the most popular in Ukraine advertising carrier — billboards 3x6 m — is of 18 square meters and, as a rule, is established starting from the 3rd format zone.

Thus, the advertising coverage in the center of towns, in that part where advertising is permitted, is possible through the usage of carriers of small and medium city sizes (city lights and billboards). Of course, the details of zoning are different in every city, but you need to understand to build the coverage of residents in its center you need use multiple carriers, which offer you our managers.
How effective is Outdoor advertising in the modern world
  1. "Outdoor advertising" works there where people spend to 60 % of their active time — outside of home. Despite the increasing presence in virtual reality, people live in a natural non-digital world where their attention is bound to attracted by high-quality OOH campaign.
  2. Contact with the outdoor advertising is inevitable and most efficient on the road, especially in traffic jams. The audience for outdoor advertising is mobile, and this mobility is only growing — due to the increase in the number of cars, the opportunity to visit different parts of the city in one day, possibility to be transported to another city, country or on another continent for a few hours.
  3. Outdoor advertising works round the clock — 24x7. This is the only media that cannot be switched on and off.
  4. Only outdoor advertising reaches "difficult" target audience (TA): these people do not watch TV, not read print media, and in the Internet trust only trusted resources or trusted contacts on the social networks. But they work a lot, have a high income and actively consume goods and services.
  5. Outdoor advertising is able to build a large coverage of the target audience (Reach) and targeting at the geographic and demographic characteristics within the city. According to the Industrial Committee of Outdoor Advertising of Ukraine the CPT (Cost per Thousand, cost thousands of contacts) in the Ukrainian outdoor advertising is the most affordable among other media.
  6. The advantage of OOH is hat it works as navigation, guiding buyers in places of sale of goods and services.
  7. Outdoor is media for advertisers of any size of business: small and medium business, big business and transnational corporations. American market researchers decided that advertising ensures the greatest ROI among all media. The initial investment in the production of advertising layouts and the launch of the campaign is relatively small, and in digital rotation advertising materials is carried out as quickly as in the Internet and on TV.
  8. Blurred Lines — the latest definition, qualitatively characterizes modern outdoor advertising, it means OOH media has blurred boundaries between non-digital and virtual worlds. The campaigns where OOH is the "entry point" to the digital worlds are common. Technological solutions — NFC, RFID, Beacons, etc. — allow to embody the most fantastic ideas on the real locations of cities.

To achieve the communication goals of your advertising campaign contact the professionals of the market, listen to their recommendations, get used to think in media terms that describe the quantity and quality of contact the audience with your advertising message but not the number of purchased planes.

Contact "RTM-Ukraine"! We are near you in every city.
What discounts can I get from "RTM-Ukraine"
In our company there was approved the list of types of discounts which the Manager can provide the Client with:

  1. Agency discount
  2. Volume discounts on the Customer's budget / Address Program
  3. Discount for a share of the operator in the Client program (configuration)
  4. Discount for pre-payment
  5. *Last Call. Discount for the purchase of inventory surplus
  6. Discount for early booking. The condition is a non-refundable Deposit of 10 % of the agreed cost
  7. Seasonal factor (discount)

*Last Call assumes the purchase in the last days of the month (risk of lack of inventory), only the status (technical) photo report, the lack of night photo report, the lack of penalties (liability) of the contractor for the late sticky.

Please ask about the possibility of a discount, its specifics and size, the managers of the Commercial Department of "RTM-Ukraine".