Digital Out-of-home of Ukraine

Digital video networks are ready to broadcast your advertisement!
Digital Network Panel
Our certified product
Place in ad unit with an adaptive playlist for placing your content synchronously and in real time on all video panels of digital networks of RTM Digital.
A video network in three terminals
Ultra HD broadcasting on all network carriers simultaneously
Video wall in Terminal A at the premium location (Gates 3 and 4) - 165"(3.6х2.0 m)
Video wall in Terminal B (business aviation and private jets) - 110"(2,5х1,4 m)
The network of 21 OHD panels in key zones of terminals A and D - 40", 47" and 55"

1 DNP - 10 seconds
Advertising block — 3 minutes
20 DNP per 1 hour / 480 DNP per day / 14 400 DNP per month
Digital video gallery of length 3.8 km
32 Smart displays UHD 75" on two sides of T. Shevchenko Boulevard
ULTRA HD broadcasting on 32 panels simultaneously
Full reach of TA with high frequency on one of the key highways of the capital

1 DNP — 10 seconds
Advertising block — 3 minutes
20 DNP per 1 hour / 480 DNP per day / 14 400 DNP per month
Your ad in KYIV International Airport single-click ease!
Time to invest in Digital Out-of-Home!
Reach of Target Audience in Boulevard Shevchenko single-click ease!
Digital is the most dynamic media in the
Out-of-Home family
According to forecasts, in 2018 Digital OOH will get 50 % of all world Out-of-Home budgets.
Why is Digital so attractive for customers?
Consumers have high expectations from digital outdoor advertising
Animated posters attract 2 times more attention than static posters
Quick and free change of plots, more flexibility and control over the campaign
Digital content is quickly adapted to any environmental factors
Due to technologies, DOOH engages consumers interacting with brands
Combination with other digital media and social networks
FAQ: Questions and Answers
More about DNP
Digital Network Panel is the amount of time in the ad unit for your advertising content. The duration of our DNP is 10 seconds. As the ad unit lasts for 3 minutes (180 seconds), it can consist of up to 18 DNPs. In practice we will place not more than 12.

An ad unit with your story repeats during the day / month non-stop simultaneously and synchronously on all digital video panels that are parts of a network. Therefore, it's necessary to understand that DNP is not a single video panel that is installed in some place or a network of such media, DNP is a conventional platform, it's 10 seconds in a 3-minute ad unit with your plot that is broadcast simultaneously on all digital carriers of the network, at the airport or in the city.

The cost of a DNP is determined by the number, size of the digital video carriers that are parts of the network and by the median metrics given by the network.
What is an adaptive ("smart") profile
Adaptive — that adapts to certain circumstances, independently software and hardware configures them. For example, the number of passengers at the airport changes all the time during the day, so the broadcasting control system is configured so that your plot provides the maximum number of contacts.
How to buy DNP
Ask our managers for the price of one DNP on each of the digital networks of RTM Digital. Choose the amount of DNP in the ad unit, agree on the media plan depending on your marketing goals.
You can buy one DNP or more in an ad unit.

All terms of the campaign and the obligations of the parties are stated in the Standard Agreement, which is placed on this page.
What actually do our digital networks consist of?
Our carriers are the most advanced professional video panels Samsung. There are 40 ", 47" and 55" panels, 110" and 165" video walls at the Kyiv Airport (Zhulyany). These media have super-high brightness of more than 2000 candelas / sq. m, high contrast ratio (5000: 1) and image depth.

Properly produced bright content and image dynamics are a guarantee that your ad will definitely attract the attention of the audience.
What content is suitable for the Digital Network Panel (DNP)?
We offer you 3 variations of content.
  • Electronic poster. The same as for non-digital outdoor advertising.
  • Animated poster (png-sequence): there are animated important elements in the plot, it can be a logo, phone numbers, key images, and so on.
  • Video of 10 seconds duration. The sound on our networks is not broadcast, so it should be taken into account while making a video.
What are the content requirements?
For static content: file format: JPG, PNG; orientation - landscape; Size: 1920 x 1080 pxl.
For partially animated content: file format: PNG; landscape orientation, 1920 x 1080 and 12 frames per second.

For video: file format: MP4, AVI. Encoding: H264. Landscape orientation, size 1920 x 1080. Frame rate 25 / sec. Flow rate: 2.5 Mbps Sound: Off. Video duration — 10 sec.
Download content requirements below the description of each digital network.
Are there any monitoring or photo reports on content placement on digital OOH carriers? How to check the broadcasting existence, for example, in the "clean" areas of the airport?
In accordance with the Agreement, at the end of the broadcast period you will be provided with the Broadcast Report — the media plan of the actual broadcast of the content, which is evidence of fulfillment of our obligations in accordance with the Agreement.

Photo reports are not provided. Make sure your ad is broadcast by requesting a copy of the video from WEB cameras at any time and day of the campaign. In the future you will be able to monitor independently in real time by WEB-cameras.
What else DNP networks does RTM-Ukraine build?
2018 will be crucial for the development of DOOH in Ukraine. After the project at the Kyiv Airport (Zhulyany) you should wait this spring for the first digital media gallery in the center of the capital. Then we will expand the coverage with digital carriers in Kyiv and start projects in Odesa, Kharkiv and Lviv.

RTM Digital — the first system agency of digital outdoor advertising in Ukraine — offers you the best solutions in the up-to-date media.
What are the advantages of digital media in comparison with non-digital. What does OOH attract advertisers by?
Digital OOH media attract more attention of the audience because they are not as widespread as traditional ones.

According to the survey, viewers have high expectations of digital OOH advertising, which is believed to be more fun and interesting than the plot on a paper post. Last but not least, thanks to the ability of animation, which attracts twice as much attention to content as statics.

Flexibility in content management, ease of placement and adaptation to the context in real life (IRL), fast and free replacement of the plot — that's what highly valued by customers in digital outdoor advertising.
What are the prospects of Digital Out-of-Home in the world and in Ukraine
Digital Out-of-Home media is the one that grows most dynamically among all the outdoor advertising segments in the world. Leading DOOH markets: North America (USA, Canada) and Latin America (Mexico, Brazil); Western Europe (Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Scandinavian countries, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg); Eastern Europe (Poland, Russia); Asia (China, India) and Southeast Asia; Australia and New Zealand, Japan, some Middle East and Africa.

Despite the fact that digital advertising equipment accounts for only 5% of global outdoor advertising, OOH already generates 14% of the Out-of-Home advertising market revenues, and in such highly developed markets as Britain and Australia — about 30% of OOH budgets.

The most popular location and formats: digital billboards, city-lights at transit shelters, advertising at international airports, digital transit advertising.

The top OOH clients are the following categories of advertisers: Retail, Automotive, Finance, Entertainment and Beauty Industry. Among the main advantages of digital outdoor advertising they note the ease and efficiency in the content placement, the accuracy of media planning, the flexibility in content management, the great creative potential and high technological effectiveness of this media, which allow brands to interact with consumers more closely.
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