Ukrainian railways is the most popular and affordable type of transport in the country!
Railway Ad advantages
Advertising Faces
Ad on Rolling Stock
CITY-LIGHT (6 sheets)
The most common and the most popular format of advertising carrier on railway stations

Static and dynamic advertising constructions, installed in the path of passengers at the railway stations of Kyiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhia, Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv

According to the contracts of "RTM-Ukraine" and "Ukrzaliznytsia" the company has installed 60 of the planes of format 1,8x1,2 m

Printing Paper — BackLit, 150 gr/m2 (for static carrier), and Polypropelene\Polyman (dynamic carrier)
60 planes of a small advertising format 1,0x0,7 m were installed at stations of 6 cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhia, Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv

They are popular with the advertisers because they give an opportunity to create a line of advertising messages (so-called story-board) and because of low cost of posters printing

Printing for the elite-panel — City-paper, 150 g/m2
On the way at the exit from the Concourse (the corridor between Central and South terminal of station KYIV Pasazhyrskyi) to the escalator leading to the main hall of the Central station, prizmatron of "RTM-Ukraine" is placed

One of the most popular media. Format — 1,5x4,5 m

Printing — Blue-back, 150 g/m2

Advertising carrier of format 5x10 m is placed in the Central hall of the railway station "KYIV Pasazhyrskyi" ight above the exit of the hall. Perfectly visible from the escalator and from any point of the hall

"RTM-Ukraine" can install wallscapes in agreed with the station locations by Customer order

Printing — banner BlokOut, 380 g/m2
  • Wide coverage of Target Audience (TA), segmentation according to social and geographical characteristics
  • 70 % of TA of advertisement on the railways — consumers of goods and services of low and medium price segments. 30 % — audience with average income and more
  • For a huge number of goods advertising at the railway stations is comparable to advertising in places of sales (POS) as a motivation for immediate purchase
  • High duration of contact — at least 15 seconds
  • High frequency of contacts and one of the lowest CPT in outdoor advertising
  • Placement of posters A-2 / A-3 / A-4 in SV, compartment and second-class carriages; information materials in the passenger and suburban trains
  • Video display on the screens of branded trains
  • Branding headrest in high-speed trains

  • 100% guaranteed contact
  • The lack of "advertising noise" in carriages contributes to the high memorability of information
  • Targeting of TA on geographical and social characteristics
"RTM-Ukraine" has extensive experience in conducting innovative marketing campaigns and branding all surfaces of the station complexes: floors, walls, windows, columns and other elements of the stations allowed by administrations for branding

By Customer order we produce and install non-standard constructions
As elsewhere in the world at the railway stations of Ukraine, you can:
  • Use standard carriers to create a "story-board" — a sequence of advertising messages
  • To brand the stations and the elements in them
  • To brand the facade, ceiling, walls, columns and floor
  • To brand trains inside and outside, to advertise in rolling stock
  • To do installations, to carry out the promo and BTL-actions
The growing citizens mobility and cheapness of railway transport make this type of advertising is one of the most forward-looking in Out-of-Home