One more successful year

"RTM-Ukraine" achievements in the past year are its' success keys to the future
In the past year the digital network development was the main direction of "RTM-Ukraine" activity. We have leaped forward when mantled more than 40 digital middle-format ad carriers (2,32x3,14) on the Kyiv streets except that Boulevard Shevchenko and DNP Kyiv Center we had before. Digital ad carriers with size more than 18 sqm were added into this network.
New 6-sheet digital ad carriers in KYIV Railway Station have been added to Indoor digital network. DNP Airport has become bigger equipped with more 2 big digital videowalls. We have increased small digital formats in KYIV Airport with more led screens in the new build part of the "A" Terminal.
DNP have made the step to the regions of Ukraine. "RTM Digital" has mantled the very first digital screens in Odesa, Kharkiv, Vinnytsa, Cherkasy and Chernihiv. In 2020 we will increase the regions' network and unite all the screens into the all-Ukrainian digital outdoor network.
In 2019 "RTM-Ukraine" General Manager Oleg Nevelchuk was running the Industrial Committee of Outdoor Advertising in Ukraine. The main goal of the Committee for that year was to develop the standards for digital panels' researching. This goal was succeeded and in the 2020 this model of the research will become an industrial standard.
The new work direction RTM Digital Events was launched in the Autumn of 2019 is LED-screen leasehold. Till the end of the year the new company has provided visual support to such huge events like Kyiv International Economic Forum, Global Teachers Prize Ukraine, M1 Music Awards, etc. We have a lot of plans for cool events visual supporting in 2020.
We hope and we'll make all our best for the new year to be more interesting and successful for every company of our group.