TV Channels' Outdoor Advertising

TV engages its' audience with new projects on the beginning of Autumn
Actual announces of the Facts News Program appeared on the 25 digital panels in Kyiv at the end of August. Small digital city formats advertising carriers are closer to pedestrians' and auto passengers' eyes. Real life actions are advertising triggers to ad campaign and to news program plot as well.
This simple and effective way Facts News Program has expanded its impact on the audience when it is out of home. When you see the announcement interested you can watch a piece of news on TV or in Internet later at home. On top of that dynamic content 38 % increases OOH media impact on the customer than static content according to Neuro-Insight agency research.
We glad to share an Boryspil Airport Station beauty. This modern railway station has become more brighten due to "Everybody sings!" advertising campaign for "Ukraine" TV Channel.
It's a significant place! Two passengers' flows from 2 different stations, airport, and railway, are uniting here. Boryspil Airport Railway Station is for fast express which connects Kyiv Central Railway Station and Boryspil International Airport. Built in 2018 it is in the vicinity of Terminal D of the Airport getting internal and international tourists. So, it was a correct decision to decorate this location for Ukrainian TV Show.
Another wat to catch pedestrians' attention on the streets is to brand transit stations. First, this is a big format ad, all the mockups are bright and contrasting, more emotional and visible. Here we get one of the longest advertising contacts because of people staying several minutes waiting for the transport and coming back to the same locations several times per day or week. Automobiles slows down on these areas as well.
Brand can create "a room of yours own" due to some cosines of the transit shelter. 25 bus shelters in Kyiv have made "The Hell Kitchen" TV show by Novy Channel closer to the Kyiv citizens.
As we can see TV channels use Outdoor advertising actively to communicate with TV viewers. They understand that Out-of-Home media expand their impact on the area where TV has no strength and where we spend to 75 % of our time, out of our homes.