The reduction of ad carries is the main trend in Kyiv outdoor advertising market

Ukrainian advertising company "RTM-Ukraine" has cut the quantity of its ad faces in twice since the beginning of the 2019.
718 ad carriers are dismantled by the "RTM-Ukraine" in Kyiv on the 1st half of the 2019. We have cut 209 6-sheet ad carriers and pylons, 78 scrolling billboards, 409 18-sheet billboards and 22 ad carriers more than 32 sq. m.
ad dismantling
Ad carriers dismantling
All the dismantling are provided according to the Rule of advertising carriers' placement in Kyiv approved by the Decision of Kyiv Government 04/20/2017 N 223/2445. To reform Kyiv outdoor advertising market means to redundant the quantity of ad carriers increasing the quality of ad faces and locating them on the special places in the city.

In the middle of the summer, "RTM-Ukraine" actually has fulfilled an annual plan for cutting our inventory. We have only 8 ad carriers left to dismantle.
Our company installs new high technical ad facilities proper formats on the definite locations in lieu of dismantled constructions. "RTM-Ukraine" is a leader of Ukrainian digital Outdoor advertising market. We have located 80 modern digital panels of 75'' and 154'' formats in Kyiv since the January 2019. In addition, we have installed 100 6-sheet constructions, 72 scrolling billboards, 177 18-sheet billboards and 3 super-size ad carriers on the defined places.
digital 6-sheet panel
Digital Outdoor advertising in Kyiv
"RTM-Ukraine" has invested more than UAH 4 million into the dismantling process. More capital expenditure has done into digital ad network developments: our company has invested UAH 28 million since the beginning of the 2019.

Cutting and renovating its' ad facilities "RTM-Ukraine" invests into the civilized Kyiv outdoor advertising market as well as into the development of Kyiv infrastructure. Now it is the main trend of Ukrainian capital outdoor ad market. Total quantity of ad facilities in Kyiv has been cut on 18 % since May 2018 to May 2019.