Renewing ad carriers in Sumy

To implement the Decision of Sumy City Council N 308 from 05.18.21 "RTM-Ukraine" Group of companies has changed 15 ad billboards by new modern carriers...
Making the approval documents prolongation to advertising companies for outdoor advertising in Sumy on 3 years an Executive Committee of Sumy City Council in May regulated that prolongation is legal by condition of bringing ad carriers into compliance with Complex Scheme of accommodation ad carriers at Sumy territorial community from 07.28.202 N 363.
To implement the Decision of Executive Committee "RTM-Ukraine" was renewing its ad inventory during 3 months on the places which were mentioned in the Annex to the Decision. The company has made some ad carriers sizes smaller and mantled new modern carriers.
Outdoor advertising in Sumy, Gorky and Pratsi Str.
This is the 2nd stage op planned renovations works in Sumy. From the beginning of the year our company changed 18 ad carriers in general. The investments in ad faces modernization are about 1 million of UAH.
Sumy Outdoor ad, Illinska, Bauman Streets
It is to be recalled that "RTM-Ukraine" is working on Sumy ad market since 2015. According to Doors Consulting the company is among TOP-5 local advertising agencies with 8 % of market share. Our company makes an investment in Sumy market constantly mantling modern ad carriers such as digital panels which are the part of all-Ukrainian digital outdoor network, transit shelters, etc.
Sumy near Railway station, Levanevsky Street advertising
"RTM-Ukraine" principle of working in every city we operate is a transparent cooperation with local authorities, complex city improvement projects with modern inventory for advertisers and guarding the stylistic unity of the city.