Social responsibility of Outdoor Ad

"RTM-Ukraine" has broadcasted important social messages on its ad faces
When the whole world has gathered all the power to conquer coronavirus pandemic, Outdoor advertising being a socially responsible media does it best to inform and to encourage people to behave the most effective and correct way.
Here in Ukraine during the very first 2 quarantine weeks and emergency status implementation outdoor advertising companies together with local authorities has reacted immediately and putted the social messages how to prevent the threat.
odessa social advertising coronavirus
We have put the social ads at the Odessa Railway station which still operates and on the city ad carriers as well.
These videos we share on the biggest digital outdoor ad network in Ukraine which is located in Kyiv.
The quarantine will come to the end, the pandemic will disappear, but an Outdoor advertising will remain an important part of the cities ecosystems because of its ability to react immediately onto the local authorities demands and meet the people needs.