"RTM Ukraine" and "Luvers" have made a breakthrough to the future

Two advertising companies have started co-sales of their Outdoor networks
Since 1st of March an ad faces quantity in Sales' Bases of the 2 companies more than doubled. "RTM-Ukraine" and "Luvers" have come to an agreement on their ad faces co-sale. They have united their products and enhanced Commercial departments cooperation to create the best commercial proposal to the clients.
Luvers is one of the leading company in Kyiv Outdoor advertising market. According to Doors Consulting the company shares 8 % of the Kyiv Out-of-Home advertising market. The centre of the network consists of the most popular ad formats like billboards and prism 3x6 m, 6-sheet (1,2x1,8 m), scrolling billboards 2,3x3,14 m (19 % of this format in Kyiv belong to Luvers). The company is well known to the professionals for its premium ad formats like backlights from 7 to 40 sq. m, it's 20 % of this panels in Kyiv.
rtm-ukraine luvers co-sale
"RTM-Ukraine" SOV in Kyiv is 5 %, digital panels excluded. "RTM-Ukraine" and "Luvers" networks co-sale creates the unique proposal to the clients first of all on target audience Reach and ad faces rating points. It puts 2 companies common advertising products on the 1st place for ad faces quantity among all Kyiv Outdoor advertising companies. Common network SOV is 13 % in Kyiv.
луверс backlight
The first step of the partnership which began 2021/03/01 means classical outdoor ad co-sale. But 2 companies have in mind to unite digital panels sale. "RTM-Ukraine" is a doubtless leader Ukrainian DOOH media, the company has 6 ad digital networks in Kyiv and the very first regional DOOH network. It is more than 70 % of Ukrainian SOV market. But our most popular ad formats are 2,3x3,1 and 1,0x1,7 m. Luvers SOV in 3x6 m digital panels is 76 % in Kyiv. So, the companies networks co-sale increases the value of the every company commercial proposals to meet all the clients needs.