The first facade screen by RTM in Kyiv

We announce some additions in "RTM Digital" network and new projects
"RTM Digital" with its partner company in October,2020 installed the very first RTM facade digital panel in Kyiv on the 7/11, Khreschatyk street address.
kyiv facade digital screen
Before this the company has been operating facade screen in Kharkiv on the Unit City building, which is the first innovative park in the East of Ukraine. This panel is connected to DNP Kharkiv and all-Ukrainian DNP Regional digital network.
Khreschatyk digital panel is 10,3x7,7 m (almost 80 square meters) size. The screen is perfectly visible from the European Square on the Grushevsky St. side and from the Ukrainian House side. The advertising on this digital panel targets pedestrian and auto traffic which goes from Podil and Pechersk (luxury Lypky and government district) to the heard of Kyiv Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square).
ukraine digital panel
The facade screen is working only at daytime from 08.00 am till 22.00 pm. We broadcast the content according to DNP (Digital Network Panel) algorithm licensed by "RTM Digital". You can find more information about facade advertising in "RTM Ukraine" Commercial Department. This project is the very first shot that will be developed into new digital network in Ukrainian capital from "RTM Ukraine", the leading company in Ukrainian DOOH market.
digital network panel dnp rtm-ukraine