"RTM Digital" launches Outdoor ad digital network to Ukrainian capital market
"RTM-Ukraine" Group of companies subsidiary agency "RTM Digital" expand the line of it innovative product Digital Network Panel (DNP) and 15 of April start sale of the new one — DNP MAXI Plus. This network is principally different from the other DNPs which the company successfully operates since 2018.
There are 14 ad LED-panels of wide screen format to 32 sq. m (4x8 m in the Outdoor advertising standard) being at the heart of the new DNP. All the screens are installed on the high traffic streets like avenues Golosievsky, Paladin, Victory, M. Bazhan, Science, Obolon, Geroiv Stalingrada, R. Shuckevich, Yu. Gagarin, Academy Glushkov, streets Bogatyrska, Vasylkivska and Kharkiv Highway.
In addition to these locations DNP MAXI Plus will include 2 premium panels which are our facade screens on 7/11 Khreshchatyc Str. and 60, Taras Shevchenko Boulevard. So, it will be 16 digital panels, but you can choose if you'd like to buy 1 or 2 facade screens in the package. "RTM Digital" will continue the network development and will increase panels quantity in DNP MAXI without price rising to the clients.
"RTM Digital" inventory is the high quality screens from the world LED-screens producer Absen Corporation. The panels are under the guarantee to 100 000 hours of exploitation. We use 10 mm pixel size LED-screens for DNP MAXI and 10 000 nit brightness. These high characteristics are important when the brightness getting down to 1-2 % from its' maximum in the twilights but this gap provides clear and colorful pictures on the sunny days.
But the main DNP MAXI Plus advantage is the shorter — till 90 seconds — ad loop, which enhance ad content appearances amount and significantly rise Reach & Frequency indexes. For 1 month of exposure DNP MAXI Reach will be 45 % with day Frequency 5,5, average rating point is 0,5.
Henceforth maximum advertisement amount in the ad loop will not excess 7. We have eliminated service breaks with weather forecast, day and hours data, Traffic Pulse and AQI Index between client's ads. But there is no need to worry: this kind of information will appear at the end of every ad loop and will stay on the screen more than 10 sec.
DNP is a 10 sec. in an ad loop on all panels of the network. This means next one: when you buy 1 DNP in DNP MAXI you get your content broadcast on the 14 ad panels 1 time per 90 sec synchronically. For 1 month which is the standard exposure period in OOH your ad will appear on DNP MAXI Plus more than 400 000 times.
As soon DNP is your ad place you can manage it as you wish. You can broadcast only 1 advertisement on 16 screens or 16 different ads, 1 for every panel, or other ad numbers which will appear on the different ad loops and different screens according to a special algorithm, in-real-time connection when content auto choose is connected to the hours, weather, locations as well. "RTM Digital" own programming will provide every algorithm. We give you almost measureless chances to enhance your ad contact.