Video cameras in lieu of photo reports

In "RTM Digital" we use online video to prove the digital outdoor ad broadcasting for our clients
There are some cameras have switched on at the Taras Shevchenko Boulevard where the very first digital Outdoor network.
So all of our clients can visit the web site and to see his ad broadcasted on the 32 digital panels. Due to DNP (Digital Network Panel) algorithm the advertisement is shown synchronically on the all panels in the digital network. In DNP Boulevard case it means 3,8 km destination at the both sides of Taras Shevchenko Boulevard, one of the tough Kyiv streets. Viewing even 1 digital ad carrier the client understands that now his ad is reached all the audience from Bessarabia Square to Victory Square.
Digital outdoor advertising has changed a lot of business process of traditional outdoor media. Now we can watch how photo reports go away even from 1 digital network, but this is just the beginning. Providing and testing new services "RTM Digital" are going to implement them in all digital networks of the company. We are ready to propose our clients some new products and audience targeting as well.