DNP has done a step into the regions

New digital ad panels has been installed in Vinnytsya and Chernihiv.
When "RTM Ukraine" started the 1st stage of the digital outdoor advertising in Kyiv almost 2 years ago the company declared its' ambition plans to create all-Ukrainian digital Outdoor network. We have tested in Kyiv working models of the digital panels and content broadcasting and now "RTM Digital" provides mantling of the digital ad panels in the regions' cities.
We have mantled 3 middle formats (2,32x3,14 m) digital ad panels in Vinnytsya on Kotsyubinsky and Pyrogov streets and 2 ad panels same format on Peace Prospect in Chernihiv.
The next city is Cherkasy, then — Odessa, Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Kherson, Lviv and some others. We build the all-Ukrainian Outdoor digital advertising network for our clients.
Now RTM Digital runs 5 digital ad networks in Kyiv with more than 130 ad faces: DNP Airport — 38 digital ad panels in KYIV International Airport: DNP Boulevard Shevchenko — 32 digital 6-sheed ad panels; DNP City Center – 23 digital 6-sheet ad panels; DNP CityBoards – 35 middle format ad panels; 7 digital 6-sheet ad panels on KYIV Central Railway station.