New brinks of PROGRAMMATIC in DOOH

There is an opportunity to buy Digital Outdoor ads at «Kyiv» International Airport has been revealed since January 2020
It's like to buy an Internet Advertising doing some clicks. Admixer Ukraine and RTM-Digital (subsidiary company of RTM-Ukraine Group) have involved 39 digital ad panels to Programmatic ecosystem. This is means RTB and starting ad campaigns in particular time slot is available to digital outdoor panels now.
admixer ukraine programmatic dooh
All the digital panels provide banner advertisements and video content as well, so you don't need to create new plots for you DPbN campaigns. All you need is to mark the special line at your working cabinet in Admixer TradeDesk.
We tune digital outdoor ad the same way we provide Internet campaigns. You can change your content, target your audience, manage campaign period and choose some digital panels at the Airport. In Admixer TradeDesk you can buy digital outdoor ad at «Kyiv» Airport by 2 classical models which are CPM and guaranteed placement.