Media indexes of Digital Ad Faces

The Industrial Committee of Outdoor Advertising of Ukraine (ICOA) has showed the method of digital panels' research to the market
18 of April, more than 100 representatives of Ukrainian Out-of-Home Media gathered on ICOA invitation in order to discuss the model of digital panels' research. ICOA Head Oleg Nevelchuk opened the OOH Breakfast. He marked the advantages of the digital ad carriers. Eco-friendly processes (there are no fuel and other materials spending), short time for starting of ad campaign, new opportunities for targeting the audience and for the involving it into brand's communication, not-measured space for creativity, etc. "Nearest time we'll see an outstanding growth of Ukrainian Outdoor media mostly due to it digital part, — convinced Oleg Nevelchuk. — The quality of the ad content will rise dramatically. The main task now is to calculate media indexes of the digital ad faces in order to make working process with new carriers more transparent and effective. ICOA aware of this goal and is ready to propose the working method of calculations and invites all participants of the market to form it standards".
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Yaroslav Todorenko, Commercial Officer of DOOR Consulting, has presented the method of indexes calculation for Digital OOH, which integrates into the actual model of Outdoor Researches. Firstly, the common indexes of digital panels are calculated with many factors. Next step is when Researcher calculates the part of common audience, which will see the advertisement, taking into account all input data. For calculations the Researcher uses: speed of transit streams, the distance of viewing of the ad construction, the minimal time of the contact with the ad digital poster, ad poster and ad block duration, etc. "We'll calculate every digital poster on every ad block according to the input data, — Yaroslav Todorenko guaranties. — Now we use daily average data of speed and audience, but for the digital panels we plan to switch on the hours average data. This means that for planned ad campaigns in different times of the day taking in account the same quantity of the showed posters you'll get the different media indexes. When this method will be integrated into the actual software, you will get forecast data according to your inputs and at the month's end, you'll get fact data according to the exposure time. Media indexes for every digital panels will be recalculated and summed up. The Reach & Frequency calculation will be available in the measure of this research".
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Vadim Gusachenko, Head of ICOA Technical Committee, has confirmed that the Committee works out for hours' speed average model implementation. Except this, he told the listeners more about passengers' streams re-calculation, and how ICOA makes an audit of the process. "Passengers' streams measurements in this year has been started. They will be finished at the beginning of the June and after that since 3 months the industry will has new data. ICOA members take an active part in the audit of the process. This year big advertisers has joined the audit. Such a control provides pure data and make the Outdoor Media Researches more transparent for the Industry".
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Andrey Nikitich's, Head of Posterscope Ukraine, pitching has inspired all the professionals to use more digital advertising in their Outdoor ad campaigns. "Out-of-Home Media is stable industry in the world because of the Digital Outdoor driving it to bigger parts in SOS, — Andrey Nikitich is perceived. — Ukrainian Outdoor Ad media is developed according to the main trend of cutting ad constructions' quantity but rising the contact quality. We are now at the beginning of the digital transformation. The future we will see in 1-2 years is Outdoor advertisements relevant to the time, the place, target audience. Digital Outdoor is a part of the OOH campaigns, it's Must Have at the moment. Implementation of the digital panels media indexes into the actual Outdoor researches will allow to plan and estimate ad campaigns more effectively. Due to the Glossary with Digital Outdoor part, our market will be strictly described in terms, notions and standards. World expertize is proves that only researched media rise. So, Ukrainian Digital Outdoor has all to concrit the Clients' expectations".
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