DOOH in Programmatic is a real thing

Programmatic has come out of the box of Internet, and Outdoor Media has come into its' field.
Programmatic Media Group and RTM-Digital has become a partners, they integrated digital outdoor networks of RTM-Ukraine to programmatic platform Getintent.
There are two media channels in on technical window available now: digital outdoor media and Internet advertising. Such integrationg makes happen buying of outdoor advertising the way Premium Programmatic does on the premium ad facilities. There are two formats for this: video and display.
голова індустріального комітету зовнішньої реклами
What do we see advantages and how we estimate the prospectives of the subject? First, it is an integration of two media channels and new opportunities in ad campaigns management.
This is new buying way through programmatic platform for Digital OOH on the Ukrainian Outdoor Advertising Market.
  • For all Ukrainian Digital advertising market it's a new chance to work with two media channels in one technical window Getintent Ukraine. This is mean you can plan, launch, manage your campaigns and work with the reports.
  • There are additional opportunities in DOOH planning: period choice, quantity of ad displaying, the specific DOOH network or panel.
  • There is a common unit for buying two media. We implement CPM (cost-per-mille) buying model.
You can choose all the digital outdoor networks of RTM-Digital on the Getintent platform and the networks of other advertising companies as well.