DNP Regional got more ad panels

DNP Regional got more ad panels
Dnipro, Zhytomyr, Lutsk, Lviv, Khvelnytsky and other cities were included into all-Ukrainian DOOH network.
At the end of May 2020 "RTM Ukraine" announced new digital network launch. DNP Regional contains all ad panels installed in Ukrainian regional cities in 2019 and during March-May 2020 years. We claimed that "RTM Digital" affiliated company will continue digital panels set-up at other big Ukrainian cities by 3-4 months. Just be sure: everything is going on by the plan.
dnp regional lviv zhytomyr dnirpo lutsk
Now DNP Regional covers more than 10 big regional Ukrainian cities providing almost 1 million ad impressions on the network per month. The broadcasting is based on Digital Network Panel (DNP) algorithm which means the 10 sec ad visual appears synchronically through all the network panels once in 3 minutes.
"RTM Digital" will finish planned on 2020 works till the end of the Summer but DNP Regional will continue growing providing modern digital Outdoor advertising in Ukrainian cities. You'll always find actual data about DNP Regional ad faces and their locations by the link.