Digital Events is a new business of "RTM Digital"

Subdivision of "RTM-Ukraine" Group of companies now provides events' digital visual support
"RTM Digital" has bought modern complex of LED-panels which are fast installed and deinstalled and maximum technical equipment as well. The company has created professional team and has opened new business in September 2019: digital visual support all kinds of events and full service in this business.
"RTM Digital" uses the panels with such characteristics: pixel pitch — 3,9 мм; pixel per panel — 128х128; refresh rate – 3840 Hz, brightness — 4000 nit and contrast rate 4000:1. This is the most modern technical equipment in Ukraine at the moment providing high definition of the pictures for eyes and for filming.
We install our mobile digital LED-screen systems in all type of locations outdoor and indoor as well. The quantity of modules gives us an opportunity to build the screen wall of huge sizes for our clients. We can build screens of almost any configurations like plane (180° angle), protruding (185°), incurved (165°) and light columns (90°) and enlighted floor as well.
We proud to present the very first event for "RTM Digital" new business — Biopharma new factory opening at 20 of September in Bila Tserkva, Ukraine. At the outdoor location we built 45 sq. m screen for more than 1000 people welcomed from all the regions of Ukraine and from Europe.