Cinema 2.0

"RTM Digital" with the partners have launched new digital project
For everyone who missed for the films on the large screen "RTM Digital", "Oscar" Cinema Network, Internet booking site TicketsBox and UNIT.City have opened new modern car cinema at the UNIT.City car parking place.
"RTM Digital" has built the biggest in Kyiv LED screen 144 sq. m (16x9 m). The screen provides an excellent broadcasting quality and the company does technical support. The project has been launched on 18 of June with cool open-air party for invited quests. The cinema showing for everyone interested started the very next day.
The cinema shows go on in great atmosphere connecting communal film watching (we all missed it so much) with social distancing required and coziness of your own car. Photo zone and restaurant meal add more to atmosphere of real cinema hall. Join us at the Cinema 2.0 at UNIT.City!