Air Quality Index for Kyiv citizens

Check up air quality in Kyiv on "RTM Digital" ad panels
Since the beginning of the March "RTM Digital" broadcasts Air Quality Index on 8 Kyiv districts. The data looks like colorful speedometer, the every color on which marks an international air quality standard, and appears on the well known digital page with weather forecast and precise hour as well.
air quality index kyiv kiev
"RTM Digital" ad panels are located in Golosievo, Darnytsia, Pechersk, Podil, Solomianka, Obolon and Shevchenkovsky Kyiv districts. So, the panels of the districts broadcast AQI data about the region they are located on. Due to audience precise targeting which is possible in DOOH and real-time content changing "RTM Digital" provides an actual AQI parameters broadcasting which it takes from air quality monitoring stations.
aqi kyiv rtm digital
AQI has added an "RTM Digital" own social ad content which consists of the weather forecast, days and hours, and Traffic Pulse showing information about traffic jams in the car movement direction. This own content makes DOOH a part of the cities informational environment throughout the world.
aqi dnp kiev
Air Quality Index is one of the famous index for governments and local authorities to inform citizens about safety to stay outdoor. If AQI excesses of the maximum permissible doses it may be dangerous to the people highly sensitive to air quality because of their respirator or heart diseases. Now Kyiv citizens have an opportunity to check up this key index for living in the city in a simple way thanks to "RTM Digital".
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