"RTM-Ukraine" has finished installation city street furniture and advertising carriers in Kharkiv streets

During a few months our company has installed and put into operation 24 city-lights, 38 scrolling billboards and 28 transit shelters.
As a result "RTM-Ukraine" has added into sales 332 faces in Kharkiv: 102 city-lights (including faces on the transit shelters) and 230 faces on scrolling billboard (without including static reverse sides).
Constructions was installed on some parts of Moscowsky Avenue, Armyansky Lane, Kooperativna, Kirova, Plehanovskaya, Derzhavinskaya, B. Hmelnitskogo and Bronenostsa Potemkina streets, in the Bugrimovoi and Vosstania squares.

All carriers are produced in Ukraine of homeland and foreign accessories on the basis of the European samples.Constructed and produced from the proprietary aluminum systems and galvanized metal with a special anti-corrosion coating they meet European requirements for street furniture in part of durability and vandal protection.

The only difference from European examples is that seats on Kharkov transit shelters produced from the strong wood because they are more comfortable in all the seasons. Due to stylish design all constructions are good looking in the streets of the city. And in the evening when back lights are turning on they look like bright advertizing show-windows.

"RTM-Ukraine" continues realization of special complex program in Ukrainian cities started in 2008. According to the European development strategy our company invests into its network optimization and modernization. Kharkov project cost to "RTM-Ukraine" almost 10 mln UAH. Time for investments return is almost 7 years.