Digital screens as a static billboard

"RTM-Ukraine" offers the new service: using digital for static images allocation.
New ad proposal includes translation of static images on the 4 LED outdoor TV in the central part of Kyiv: Artema St., Lva Tolstogo St., Peremohy Ave, and Lesi Ukrainki Ave.

According to the media plan static images expose for 5 sec every 5 min. Total exposing quantity is 8640 per month. Price is 3500-4000 UAH / month on the one screen and this is lower than standard billboard exposing price in the central of Kyiv.

Screen size is 5,3x3,1 m which is correspond both to the standard 6x3 billboard size and modern video format 16:9. All screens are LED-Wall Outdoor series, model LVM 8C-vp.

Maximal brightness is 15 000 NIT. Virtual Pixel Pitch is 8 mm. All screens are equipped by around-the clock monitoring system.

Tatiana Kutsenko, "RTM-Ukraine" Media Director: "The sense of our proposal is to give our clients additional options for their standard outdoor images exposing. On the Kyiv VIP locations will appear images identical to the billboard ones but for the lower price with brighter colors, needed no poster printing and with some animated elements.

Now in the whole world is continued process of outdoor digitalization. But we sure that doesn't mean changing all traditional carriers with digital ones. We think it means using all the possibilities of digital screens. And if they can work both as a billboard and as the screen we should show it to our client".