Industrial Committee of Outdoor Advertising has elected new heads

Annual stockholders' ICOA meeting has elected Oleg Nevelchuk, RTM-Ukraine CEO, the ICOA Head for 2019
білборди в києві
"This year will be very intensive for Ukrainian Outdoor Ad market — consider Oleg Nevelchuk. — Till the Summer there is finishing up Kyiv Outdoor ad market reformation which is the biggest part of Ukrainian Outdoor. There will be rapid digitalization of the Outdoor ad and rising it to 300 %. All these process will demand strong and responsive decisions from ICOA as the ground for further market development".
In 2019 Vadim Gusachenko from Octagon Outdoor will lead the ICOA Technical Committee. The Committee faces the aim to improve scrolling billboard research method, to develop standards for Digital Outdoor media in Ukraine and to implement the digital panels into actual Outdoor Ad Research. Audit of passengers' streams measurements is the very important part of Technical Committee agenda.

According to the Statue, ICOA every year re-elect the leaders of the Committee.