Digital Outdoor for automobilists

There is the map of traffic jams in the digital network panels of "RTM Digital"
білборди в києві
Traffic Pulse is the new service of "RTM Digital" Company helping to automobilists to orientate themselves in the situations on the road. Since 5 of December on the panels of "RTM Digital" is given 5 sec. at 3 minutes of ad block for roadmaps broadcasting. Now you can see familiar geolocation tag, which show you location and actual road situation for some km front on your move direction.
білборди в києві
There is unique road map and the unique road district with actual traffic on the every panel. They renovate in real time and are developed by our specialists to help the drivers. There is close road crosses in the map for you can plan you way when there is traffic jam in front of you. Our great experience in Outdoor Advertising, the knowledge of the Kyiv and the potential of Digital Outdoor helped us to create helpful service for the drivers.

On the DNP Boulevard Shevchenko in no time we will give traffic road estimation from 1 to 10 points in habitual for automobilists scale. DNP Boulevard covers the traffic from Victory Square to Bessarabia Square in both sides.

Please find Traffic Pulse service on the digital cityboards, middle city format of digital outdoor ad carriers. The very first DNP KYIV Cityboard-1 consists of 16 digital panels located in the central streets in Kyiv. Now "RTM Digital" install 20 more cityboards and 22 digital citylights, which will have Traffic Pulse service as well.

Traffic Pulse is the special digital application to own content of "RTM Digital" digital network panels. The own content is one of the main advantages of Digital Out-of-Home Media (DOOH) apparently to classical outdoor ad. This is the point united DOOH with other digital media — Internet — and gives the opportunity for Digital Outdoor Ad to become the useful service in modern city.