When the silence have spoken

"RTM Digital" has supported social ad campaign of NGO "Feel it"
33 Ukrainian showbiz stars took part in the photoset to show 33 letters of the finger speech alphabet. "RTM Digital" has included them for content broadcasting on the DNP Boulevard Shevchenko in Kyiv.

All images appears synchronically on the 32 digital 6-sheet (75") of the whole media gallery, and it is almost 4 km distance from the Victory Square to Bessarabia Square throughout the both sides of the Boulevard.
This social ad campaign is broadcasted on the panels of the OMD series, which are distinguished by high brightness (2500 nits). The contrast ratio of 5000: 1 provides excellent visibility in various lighting conditions, high clarity and brightness of the image.

"RTM-Ukraine" and its affiliated company "RTM Digital" invest a lot into the modern digital Ooh network development. Therefore, we are happy to have such an important social content on our DNP.