Thanks to you! "RTM Digital" had joined gratitude movement to veterans

The gesture of respect and call to repeat it has been showed in Ukrainian Independence Day on the digital outdoor ad carriers on the Shevchenko Boulevard.
This project on the video panels of Shevchenko Boulevard in Kyiv was launched in one day. There were volunteers who initiated the "Thanks to you!" project, and the addressed to "RTM Digital" by e-mail. "It's important for us people will see the gesture of respect when they will go to Independence Day Parade and will repeat the gesture there. You have the best ad locations in Kyiv. Help us to show such an important and actual gesture of respect", — this is was written in the e-mail letter we received.
"RTM Digital" has made a decision the very same moment. As soon as we had got the files we added them into the play-list. At 00.00 in 24 of August 3 digital layouts of all-Ukrainian thankful movement automatically rotate in DNP Boulevard.
Digital Outdoor Social advertising. "Thanks to you!" movement
There were no spending for posters' printing, for logistic and workers for 32 digital ad carriers. Just some clicks, the speed and the flexibility of digital networks. We are glad that first people who noticed the possibilities of digital outdoor advertising in broadcasting social messages were volunteers, an open-minded people helping to change our country.

Let us remind you that this spring "RTM Digital" has installed the first in Ukraine digital outdoor ad carriers' network in Kyiv Shevchenko Boulevard. So the company has launched digital outdoor ad development in Ukraine.
Digital Outdoor advertising in Ukraine. Kyiv, DNP Boulevard