In Kyiv became less outdoor advertising carriers

160 ad carriers had dismantled by "RTM-Ukraine" during April
All dismantling works had been accomplished according to Rules of outdoor advertising placement approved by Kyiv authorities 20.04.2017.
білборди в києві
In the 1st format zone on the Boulevard Shevchenko there will be cut quantity of outdoor ad 4 times: instead of 134 6-sheet ad carriers on the 2 km of the boulevard only 32 new and modern 6-sheet ads will be installed. The company had dismantled 44 its' ad pylons on the Riverside highway in Kyiv on the 2nd format zone. Besides that 7 scrolling billboards, 5 billboards and 1 LED Outdoor Screen have been dismantled in the 2nd format zone. From the beginning of the year the company invested more than 500 000 UAH only in dismantling works. Our general supplier for dismantling and ad installations is "Technogroup" Production Company.
Let's remind you that in the 2016 "RTM-Ukraine" was the first company dismantled its' own overhead banners in Kyiv. Other outdoor companies and Kyiv authorities has encouraged this initiative. So there we really do good work for the Kyiv Outdoor advertising market and Kyiv as European city.

"RTM Digital" is affiliated company of the "RTM-Ukraine" Group providing new digital outdoor advertising in Kyiv and in Ukraine.