"RTM-Ukraine" opens Airport for Advertising
The biggest Ukrainian national outdoor-operator has been given right to provide advertising campaigns in the new passenger Terminal "A" of the Airport "Kiev" (Zhulyany).
advertising campaigns in kyiv international airport zhulyany rtm-ukraine
"RTM-Ukraine" Group of Companies has got this right through the competitive tender process and has signed the Contract which allows to provide advertising campaigns of all kind in the whole complex of Terminal "A". The Contract was signed on 07 of May.

According to it the operator installs outdoor carriers in the Terminal "A" and on the way to it: Station Square and roads which lead to the air complex.

39 ad carriers, including billboards, prisms, city-lights, bus-shelters, are installing on the Station Square: Central Alley, parking zone, Terminal Entrance zone, etc.

29 ad pannos and city-lights have been installed on the 1st floor of the Terminal: Central Hall, Registration Hall, Arriving and Departure zones. 22 carriers have been installed on the 2nd floor in the Security Check Hall, Customs and passport checking zone, waiting halls, including VIP zone, Duty Free and other premises of the Terminal"A".

Except the standard outdoor constructions in the "A" Terminal the modern indoor-video complex is covered. It includes 24 modern LED-TV.

The scheme of ad carriers' installation is organized in order to follow the passengers' every step of their airport experience: from the time of arriving to the airport, during the all needed procedures till the moment of boarding, and back according to the arriving scheme.

According to the Contract "RTM-Ukraine" is ready to provide all kind of advertising activities in the new Terminal "A" of international "KIEV" Airport as far as ATL and BTL (branding, promo, ambient, etc).