Branding and promotions. New innovative projects at the Kyiv Airport (Zhuliany)

Сlients of RTM-Ukraine that has placed its advertising at the Kyiv Airport more likely to "hook" the audience of travelers who will go on vacation after the simplification of visa regime between Ukraine and the EU.
We want to note 2 non-standard full campaign projects from the Georgian developer ORBI Group and tour operator TPG together with airline Bravo Airways.

ORBI Group has implemented branding of friso in Terminal A and now Georgian real estate advertising is noticeable to passengers who are on the both ground floor and first floor.
Before departure of flights to Georgia passengers are greeted by 2 girls-promoters with interesting and useful information about Georgia and ORBI Group's apartments.
This summer the airline Bravo Airways and tour operator TPG have planned a varied programme of Charter flights from the Kyiv Airport. The best advertising planes of the Terminal A on the ground and first floors we have provided for advertisement of this project, as well as holders at the entrance to the Airport and a place for branding on the escalator.

The Kyiv Airport is closed for repair of the runway now , but immediately after the completion of construction activities — 24 May — it will begin air transportation of passengers in quantity precisely bigger than last year.