Social initiative of the advertising operator in Odessa

To the Day of liberation of Odessa from Nazi invaders — April 10 — in the Park of the 411th Battery Memorial were installed 5 benches, donated to the city and the Memorial by company "RTM-Ukraine"
With the knowledge of the reconstruction of the Memorial and its needs the operator of outdoor advertising "RTM-Ukraine" took the initiative to establish 5 new benches in the central part of the memorial complex, which contains the main part of its exposing but, unfortunately, no places for visitors to have a rest.

By order of the operator the benches were made by Odessa company and the staff of 411th Battery Memorial installed them. "RTM-Ukraine" was the initiator and investor of this little social project. It does not matter for the company the scale and volume of such initiatives: we are consistent in our work on the improvement of cities of Ukraine, for 15 years of work "RTM-Ukraine" created a lot of really great projects and lots of such local works, which are not less important for ordinary urban residents.
While visiting the 411th Battery Memorial we made sure that this place is truly one of the favorite and most visited in Odessa. Active Odessans do morning exercise there, ride bikes or scooters, walking the dogs or just drink their morning coffee. During holidays the park becomes a meeting place of learning groups, the fair ground or a small sports competitions ground. Therefore, additional benches will be useful to all park visitors.