Case: digital advertising comes to help television show

RTM-Ukraine and the Agency video VIDETIME took part in the work on the project РоLOVEynky on the Novy channel.
Goal: to motivate the participant of TV show "РоLOVEynky" (Novy channel) on internal changes.

Difficulties: it must be done effectively and beautifully, as a surprise, during the participant and a coach meeting on the street of Kiev.

The solution is to use a digital screen located on Peremohy square, showing a successful people who can inspire the hero to begin work on himself.
Of course, we may to talk about famous people, but who knows what images will arise in the mind of your interlocutor. The image must be the only one, making the effect of surprise and making the hero to believe in himself.

In the spring of 2016, planning of the 2nd season of the show "РоLOVEynky" on Novy channel, the project team contacted the company "RTM-Ukraine" with a request to help implement their idea in life: to broadcast on the LED screen video intended for the hero.

Together with the Agency VIDEOTIME we found the opportunity to put in the playlist of LED screen videoclip the broadcastersneeded. At exactly agreed time, when the hero and his coach approached the screen, the video appeared on the screen.

This is the way the DOOH works— the inclusion of "on-demand".This is one of the most popular creative decisions possible on any dynamic media (billboards, dynamic city-lights, prisms), but it is the most effective in digital formats.

This project became part of television program, but digital outdoor advertising can become part of events and BTL actions. The main thing — to know that is possible and not be afraid of unconventional solutions. We know it, we are not afraid of it, and we do it!
Цифровой экран в программе "ПоLOVEинки"