Successful campaigns that we'd like to repeat

There is an advertising boom at the Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany).
here is an advertising boom at the Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany). In the summer the big brands came in with their nonstandard projects and BTL-actions. Their campaigns evolve in autumn, too. Among the advertisers are both loyal customers and new ones.

For the first time in the summer of 2014 the company "Grand Automotive" branded the front of the Luggage belt in the Baggage Claim area of Terminal A. Advertising of Jeep advantages was so noticeable that in 2016 the company decided to repeat it. Since August of this year passengers, who arrived in terminal A, have been getting their baggage right from the "trunk" of the Jeep which capacity is pleasantly surprising.
jeep adverts in kyiv international airport zhulyany
Easily and confidently a car of "Vinner Avtomotiv" — Ford KUGA, is exposed in the Central Hall of Terminal A.
ford kuga in kyiv international airport zhulyany
Every time installing at the Kyiv International Airport the next automobile, we remember the words of one of the passengers of international flights he said for survey "Airport Stories World": "I can't buy it right now, but I will definitely pay my attention to the new car later." The effectiveness of the international airport as an advertising platform for car brands is confirmed by the words of the chief experts — passengers.

The increase in the number of flights and passengers travelling from the Kyiv International Airport to Georgia, positively impacted the advertising special offers for this target audience: it's about the campaign from a leading Georgian developer "ORBI Group". Before flights to Tbilisi and Batumi in Terminal A of the Kyiv International Airport there is a promo-campaign from ORBI Group, informing passengers about the best real estate offers in these cities. In support of the campaign to reach out to a wider audience, the developer has posted an ad of its product.
orbi group georgia in kyiv airport
Among the regular advertisers at the Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany) can be mentioned mobile operators with their new profitable rates; hoteliers, whose campaigns tend to locate in the zones of arrival and meeting of arriving passengers; the coolest car brands are in Business Lounge of Terminal A and on large panels in the Central Halls of the Airport. And this is not all the regular Clients who buy advertising in the Kyiv International Airport.
kyivstar adverts in zhulyany
Among the new campaigns we'd like to mark the service of online taxi Uklon. Its ad meets arriving passengers in the Baggage Claim area.
uklon advert in kyiv airport zhulyany
The passenger traffic of the Kyiv International Airport is growing. In the autumn-winter 2016 it is being planned to open new routes (more about this can be found on the Airport website), and RTM-Ukraine as the exclusive advertising operator of the Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany) is preparing to show new interesting campaigns and innovative projects.