Dimension matters!

By "Inter-film" company request, "Region-media" advertising agency developed the concept and placed non-standard advertising for «Piranhas 3D» movie on "RTM-Ukraine" companies' pylons.
As the film must be watched with stereo glasses, they have decided to make advertising in 3D too – the standard banner is placed on pylons, however the separate elements of a plot creating stereo-effect is pasted on a convex protective surface of the design.City-lights, 3x6 boards, and carriers in cinemas are involved in campaign.

Artem Bidenko, the head of Association of the outdoor advertising of Ukraine: the Outdoor advertising always allowed to use new technologies for achievement of goals. And it concerns not only non-standard carriers, but also classical formats –there always is a possibility to creatively use space, to play with senses or to take advantage of massive technological effects. In this case the link "client-agency-operator" has proved to be very effective – an advertising campaign of "Piranhas" will be univocal appreciable.