OOh native advertising at the Kyiv International Airport

We introduce the new project of the American developer AMSTAR, International Airport "KIEV" and its exclusive advertising operator RTM-Ukraine.
kyiv international airport terminal A advertising
Professionals talk about native advertising, when it is "woven" into the main flow of content and consistent with format and content, unlike traditional advertising placements; (...) In fact, it is "waiting for" consumer who looks for interesting content..." (Wikipedia).

In Ukraine it is believed that native advertising is only possible in the Internet, but the creatives around the world know: Out-of-Home is one of the most effective media for such kind of non-standard solutions.

Two modern, stylish and symbolic capital entities — a residential complex Skyline and Kyiv International Airport, together with progressive advertising vision of the company Amstar and the professionalism of the operator RTM-Ukraine has created a entire and native advertising on the front of the Terminal A.
These 2 brands (Skyline and Kyiv Airport) are united by the heaven, Kiev and the best international practices in the professional sphere of each of them. For its part, RTM-Ukraine has always understood the specifics of the advertising platform of the Terminal facade, and that only an exclusive, luxury product can give its powerful sounding. Of course, we recommended Skyline, which shows magnificent views of Kiev, to place its ads at the Airport — the place where the sky of the capital opens.

As a technical detail we should add that all 18 columns with the Skyline ads are equipped with modern lighting equipment that allows you to create the effect of architectural highlighting, change the brightness of the light of each lamp individually and of a block of columns (watch the video).
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