The next stage of reorganization in Group of Companies RTM-Ukraine has been completed

The goal of our reforms is the new competitive advantages of RTM-Ukraine in the face of growing customer requirements and systemic changes in the OOH market.
Time is the most precious resource. In RTM-Ukraine has been conducted the audit of all business processes from the point of view of time spent on service of customers' advertising campaigns. Using the methods of GAP analysis have been revealed not only gaps in departments operating, but new opportunities which must become an additional market advantage of the company. As a result, in Group of Companies RTM-Ukraine there was a reorganization of departments and a variety of business processes.

1. The core competency of the Monitoring Department is control of service teams, regional representatives and contractors of RTM-Ukraine, providing realization of advertising campaigns of clients. In fact, the unified Call centre, which provides connection between the Commercial Service and service departments, manages the service processes of advertising inventory and is responsible for compliance with all requirements for advertising exhibiting specified in the contracts. TETYANA KUTSENKO has been appointed the head of the Controlling and Monitoring Department.

2.The Technical Department has been transferred from RTM-Ukraine to TekhnoGroup. All works on production, installation and maintenance of advertising inventory provides TekhnoGroup — General contractor of RTM-Ukraine.

Thus, in the new organizational model of Group of Companies RTM-Ukraine areas of responsibility in a number of operational departments are more clearly structured (logistics, monitoring, service and control) and Commercial service. The first months of work in the new conditions showed that now managers of Commercial Department have more time for the preparation of effective proposals and more creative, proactive approach to sale of advertising services. And this has a positive impact not only on financial results but also on the relationship of RTM-Ukraine with partners and customers.