The end of the advertising format: Kyiv will lose overhead banners

National outdoor operator "RTM-Ukraine" terminates exploitation of overhead banners in Kyiv.
overhead banners outdoor ad in kyiv ukraine
Until February 1, 2016, the company is going to complete the dismantling of overhead banners (1x5 m) in Kiev placed between the lighting poles and contact networks. All advertising surfaces of this type are discontinued by "RTM-Ukraine" from 01.01.2016.

The company's network of overhead banners originally consisted of more than 700 objects and has been operating for 12 years. About 200 were dismantled in 2013 on the implementation of the Concept of development of outdoor advertising in Kiev (zero and 1st zone).

Oleg Nevelchuk, General Director of Group of Companies "RTM-Ukraine": "12 years ago we launched a unique ad carrier in the capital market. Significant investments were aimed at studying the structural characteristics of lighting poles, it was developed about 900 projects, one for each technically suitable place. All the other places in the city 12 years ago did not pass safety requirements. However, in recent years due to the imperfection of the legislation and regulatory framework, the constant "tug of war" between "Kievreklama" and "Kyivpastrans" and, of course, due to the thriving corruption in this area, the number of overhead banners in Kyiv has tripled.

The increase in the number of overhead banners occurred mainly on the ground is forbidden or Concept or in violation of technical safety standards. The attraction of overhead banners was lost for customers, and for the city this carrier has become unbearable because of its excessive and unsafe.
In the summer 2015 there were held several meetings with the leadership of the city, where an agreement was reached, according to which in 2016 the operators including "RTM-Ukraine" cease operation of overhead banners, and the city eliminates the ad carriers on lighting poles (overhead banners, holders, promotional boxes, etc.) from the list of valid carriers in the capital.

At the end of 2015 in Verkhovna Rada also registered a Draft law № 3454(11.11.2015, Tomenko M. V., Abdullin O. R., O. Chervakova O.V.) "On amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On advertising" (regarding the use of certain elements of improvement and contact networks)" prohibiting the placing of advertising structures on supporting and other elements of contact networks and lighting poles.
Company "RTM-Ukraine" supports any attempts to streamline outdoor advertising in Ukraine and especially in Kiev, reducing the quantity, ensure the European principle of further development. Despite their successful 12-year history of the project and the deprivation of assets, the company welcomes the decision of the city to "remove" ads from the city transmission towers. We keep our agreements and we hope that the city will fulfill their ones – now city is working at a new Concept of placing of outdoor advertising, which must to "clear" Kiev from these carriers."

For reference:
According to Doors Consulting on 12.2015 there are 1920 overhead banners in Kiev. This is the 3rd in the number of planes advertising format in Kiev, its share is 8 % of the volume of capital outdoor advertising. The group of Companies "RTM-Ukraine" is the largest advertising operator in this market segment, its share, according to Doors Consulting, is 32 %.