One year closer to European Outdoor

Сomprehensive improvement projects change and develop outdoor advertising of Ukraine as a part of the urban environment. "RTM-Ukraine" considers investing in network modernization and in improvement of streets is the contribution of advertising operator in European development strategy of the country.
An important social part of such projects is urban street furniture. From numerous line of street furniture in Ukraine the most popular are transit shelters. On the 2nd place is festive street illumination. In 2015 "RTM-Ukraine" has implemented 2 complex projects that included those elements.

1. October 2015. Bila Tserkva. "RTM-Ukraine" performed works on improvement of a small area of territory in Levanevskogo str. 2 transit shelters of European sample were established there. Partners of "RTM-Ukraine" in Bila Tserkva assembled in one of the transit shelters an automatic recharge and free Wi-Fi spot.

This project also includes such elements as poster stand, 1 prism, architectural lighting of the colonnade and steps at an entrance to the Park. All the lights in projects of "RTM-Ukraine" — only with the use of energy-saving technologies. Illumination is created from LED cords, their total power consumption of energy is not more than 0.5 kW/hour. For comparison: only 1 lamp for lantern consumes 200-300 watts/hour.
2. In July of 2015 "RTM-Ukraine" became the winner of the competition for the right on implementation of the project of comprehensive development in Kharkiv (minutes No. 19 dated 26.06.2015) on Moscowsky Avenue, from Korsykovskogo overpass to the intersection with Kharkiv Divisions str. Within 6 months the company installed 3 transit shelters; in the framework of modernization of Kharkiv transport sector it has additionally established 5 transit shelters in Klochkоvska str.

12 city information panels of format 3x6 m and 22 LED illuminations in the shape of a star on lighting supports along Moskovsky Avenue supplement the project of "RTM-Ukraine" in Kharkiv.
Overall, in 2015 the Group of Companies "RTM-Ukraine" invested in capital development approximately 8 million UAH. Implementation of complex improvement projects, that is going to replace the traditional installation of advertising billboards, is the general line of the strategy of advertising network development, which will continue in 2016.
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