Immersing in advertising

Pylons, located along riverside highway in Kiev are chosen for self-promo.
The place and technical characteristics of carriers were defined by a choice of the underwater world concept.
On several designs the dimensional image scenes are placed. Such effect is possible thanks to technical features of pylons, advertising surface of which are protected by convex glass.

The distance arising between a banner-basis and the image of inhabitants of the underwater world, put on glass also allows to create the effect of movement. At change of a corner of sight on pylon it seems, that small fishes really float in the improvised aquarium.

Simple, non-3D pylons with photos of the underwater world, also information about the advantage of pylons at riverside highway as advertisement carriers are used in campaign. In particular, the fact, that quantity of contacts for them averages for 37 000 units per day*.

*Average amount of the contacts, received on the basis of the data analysis of «The Ukrainian Media Monitor» company in various days and on various sides of movement on riverside highway.