Mental notes for ambitious advertisers,

or Тips for those who advertise at airports.
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The airport environment provides a captive audience and multiple opportunities for advertising messages to be seen. If you wish your advertising campaign at the airport will be successful, please keep in mind the following aspects while planning your campaign:

  • Passengers follow a predefined journey. Therefore, the case of promotional offers at the airport need to be designed in such a way to enable clients to target their audience accurately along their entire journey, from landside to airside, from pre-check in to arrival at their final destination.
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  • Airport audiences are susceptible to different types of communication, depending on where they are in their journey. If the point of media consumption is not consistent with the audience's mindset, here is a risk that the message will be wasted.
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  • Media messages are an important part of the airport environment and some kind of experience for consumers. Messages can be in the form of information, content or advertising. Advertising and the airport process should work closely together. It is very important. Only in this case, advertising can be seen as a natural part of the environment, enhancing the traveller's experience.
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  • Understanding of the traveller's journey and airport process can give you an opportunity to deliver suitable creative and relevant messages on appropriate formats throughout the traveller's journey. After all, the airport offers great media platform for messages in strategic points while traveling.
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