Kiev transit shelter has turned to Catalogue of "Nova Linia"

The OOH operator "RTM-Ukraine" Group of Companies has implemented a special project for "Nova Linia" designed the transit shelter near the metro station "Vystavkovyi Tsentr".
Now to see the range and prices of Catalogue of hypermarket "Nova Linia" you can before you come into the store. Offer of the month, special prices, promotions, and scheduling of bus routes — all of these are on the transit shelter. Free bus goes from this stop to the supermarket "Nova Linia".

The longest contact of the audience with outdoor advertising is at transit shelters. It is well- known fact that the leading brands are already using in their campaigns: both image and target local campaigns aimed to increase the demand and sales growth at certain points.

Such a simple solution as full or partial branding of transit shelters makes Brands more competitive, increases the area of advertising and achieves high media coverage and frequency of contact with advertising.
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