Megaboard by the grapes season

Advertising carrier with a unique extender and nonstandard light has appeared near the famousKoblevo vineyards.
The company "Technogroup" belonged to the Group of Companies "RTM-Ukraine", produced and the "RTM-Ukraine" service installed megaboard 5x12 m. The megaboard was installed at the entrance to Koblevo village of Nikolaev region and decorated with huge extender "bunch of grapes" of size 6x3 m, which is almost equal to one standard billboard. Today it is one of the biggest extenders in Ukraine located on a free-standing advertising construction.

The second feature of megaboard "Vineyards of Koblevo" — 2 polycrystalline solar panels with a total power of 500 W, illuminating the advertising in the dark by converting solar energy stored during daylight hours.

Traditionally large formats attract more attention of the audience and get great OTS and GRP rates in each city. In the network of "RTM-Ukraine" advertising carriers of format more than 4x8 m are placed near such iconic sites as the Airport "KIEV" and at key transport interchanges.