Stylish party at KYIV International Airport (Zhulyany)

Stylish parties and grand presentations organized in the business terminal "D" of the international airport "Kiev", is a modern trend of Ukrainian event industry.
At the international airport "Kiev" (Zhulyany) it was held a grand presentation"Realize your dreams", which presented a new map for travelers "All Miles"from Union standard Bank (USB) in a joint project with Tickets.UA.

At the airfield of terminal "D", under the white dome, looked like a departing liner, more than 400 guests gathered: clients of USB, representatives of business, culture and art, sports, fashion and Media market. Everyone learned how without changing the usual way of life and traditions to get not only pleasure, but also the maximum benefit from travel.
The event atmosphere was permeated with the spirit of travel to the smallest detail. Thus, the regulations for international flights: check-in, security and customs control, smiling stewards. The hosts of the evening Vasilisa Frolova and Yaroslav Lodygin have done a wonderful job in the role of friendly flight attendants. With their hel, all present made a virtual trip in the USA, UAE, Germany and France, tasting the cuisine of the represented countries, and had some useful information about the flights in those directions.

In the finale of the evening Jamala came on the stage, inviting guests to dance to her songs. "That was the best performance I have ever had," said the singer.
Презентация тревел-карты "Усі милі" в Международном Аэропорту "КИЕВ" (Жуляны)