Get closer to your consumer,

Let him see your eyes!
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Eye contact is the basis of effective communication and it's naturally for everyone. Psychologists say that people look eye-to-eye from 20 to 50% of the time during the chatting. Lovers - from 60 to 80%. Managers and professionals - from 80 to 100% of the communication time.

So how much time do you look in your potential customers' "eyes"? Is glance(for example, at ad carrier 6*3, which is somewhere at the height of 5 meters) enough? I think that you agree with me that five seconds is too little for the consumer to remember your advertising message, let alone the love at first sight. "Chief, all is lost, all is lost!", you may say, but... But there is one effective solution I want to share with you.

Let's start with the fact that the most important person for us, our potential Client, a potential customer – is that one who stands opposite us and look in our eyes. And he doesn't look for five seconds, he stands and waiting for 10-15 minutes for a bus at the BUS STOP.
Transit shelter is underrated today, but it's one of the most powerful communication channels in the OOH mix. It's Simple — That's Where the People Are!
european transit shelters in kyiv ukraine
On a transit shelter, as on advertising space (24м²), we can:
  • to get acquainted the consumer with your product or service. The consumer will see it, and what is more, during 15 minutes he'll remember, write down or take a photo of contacts;
  • to involve consumers in various Consumer Promotions, to make an advertising carrier the point of sale;
  • to play with consumers and inspire them with great proposal using OOH Digital technologies;
  • to surprise the consumer, because transit shelter is only tool that can turn into a unique creative platform (for example, to become a Wi-Fi point and to provide an instant transition to online store, to work as sampling area).
And all that you can make up and that we, RTM-Ukraine, can make up for you.