RTM-Ukraine has bought a net of carriers in Sumy

Expanding regional coverage and improving the quality of its offer for Customers, the Group of Companies "RTM-Ukraine" has bought from a local operator of outdoor advertising "Recordex-Sumy" a network of 22 ad carriers of format 6x3 m.
billboards in sumy ukraine
Until that time, "RTM-Ukraine" has not been submitted in Sumy and provided Clients only buying in thшы region. From April 2015 the company offers its own network of advertising carriers evenly distributed around the city.

Entering local outdoor market in Sumy, "RTM-Ukraine" extends the standards of its service on it. The company invests in monitoring and research: from April 2015 all the carriers bought in Sumy will be indexed in the programs of outdoor advertising researcher "Doors Consulting". This also contributes to the quality of services and transparency of the OOH market in Sumy.

The purchase of the network of carriers is a part of the development strategy of the Group of Companies "RTM-Ukraine" in 2015. The strategy includes several directions to strengthen the operator's position in the market of Out-of-Home Media, including purchasing of existing local networks and their modernization, and integrated improvement projects in the cities of Ukraine.

Just a reminder: in February 2015 "RTM-Ukraine" has completed a 2-year project of improvement in Vinnitsa, adding to its network 60 modern carriers of middle and small city formats. With this project in mind and with access to the market of Sumy the offer of "RTM-Ukraine" for Clients has increased on average by 150 carriers since the beginning of the year.