The modern approach to OOh advertising

The largest national operator of OOh-media Group of Companies "RTM-Ukraine" has completed a 2-year project on improvement of the streets of Vinnitsa.
The comprehensive improvement project is when the operator of outdoor advertising considers the city as a holistic information environment. Such a project is being developed based on topographical, historical, engineering and architectural features of each street. It is also taken into account the state of communal facilities of social infrastructure (stops, fencings, lighting, etc.).

Project work was started over 2 years ago. First there was the research part, then there were the creation and design of the Project and finally there was the presentation at the city hall. It is important to note that in Vinnitsa there was high interest of the city authorities in the improvement of the city on the European type and in attracting investment from the business community to achieve these goals. As a result, the Executive Committee of the city Council of Vinnitsa and LLC "RTM-Ukraine" signed the investment agreement.
The stages of the Project:
1. 20.06.2013. Session of the Executive Committee of the city Council Vinnitsa approved the Agreement on implementation of the Project of comprehensive development of the territory Kotsyubinsky str. (including Geroev Stalingrada Square) between the Executive Committee of Vinnytsia city Council and LLC "RTM-Ukraine".

2. July-November 2013 the Operator of outdoor advertising "RTM-Ukraine" improves Kotsyubinskogo prosp.: there were established and transferred to the city's balance 6 modern transit shelters. Transit shelters were produced in Ukraine according to European standards: the same transit shelters you can see in the streets of Germany, France, Holland and other European countries. Transit shelters service is carried out by "RTM-Ukraine".

The operator established and transferred to the city's balance unique illumination designed specifically for Vinnitsa by Austrian company "MK ILLUMINATION": 10 light constrictions on Kotsyubinskogo Av., 98 individual elements in lighting supports, 10 trees decorated with art lighting. All elements created with using of energy saving technologies.

On the Avenue, a length of 3 km, there were installed only 30 of advertising carriers of small and medium city formats: city- lights and scrolling billboards. All the carriers are modern, European-styled and stylish.
3. 16.10.2014. Investment contract "About implementation of the project of complex improvement of Pirogova str. and Sobornaya str." between the Executive Committee of Vinnytsia city Council and LLC "RTM-Ukraine" (Decision of the Executive Committee No. 2302 of 16.10.2014).

4. October-December 2014. "RTM-Ukraine" installed and transferred to the city's balance 4 s transit shelters in Sobornaya str., the main street of Vinnitsa. By the way, it is completely free of advertising, because it is a historical part of the city.
But the highlight of this stage of the Project is unique illumination over the Boulevard area of Pirogova street, consisting of 10 3D figures in two motives - "People" and "Birds". The ceremonial switching on the illumination took place on St. Nicholas Day, December 19, together with the inclusion of the main Christmas tree of Vinnitsa.

5. January-February 2015. The operator installed 30 modern advertising carriers of small and medium city formats in Pirogova str.: 22 city-lights (1,2x1,8 m) and 8 scrolling billboards (3,h,32 m).
Комплексный проект благоустройства в Виннице
It should be noted tha the public of Vinnytsia was very interested in changes happening in the city. Information about the Project diverged in the local media. Journalists took pictures of new transit shelters, took pictures of old ones and it was brought up for discussion. Citizens compared, expressed their opinions and commented. Local TV channels told about new transit shelters and illumination, asked townspeople about their impression.

In 2013 employees of Vinnytsia M. Kotsyubinsky Literary-memorial Museumapplied to "RTM-Ukraine" with the request to help in coverage of their preparing for a future anniversary of Ukrainian classic. The Museum provided unique photographic materials and together we made the whole street presentation in Kotsyubinsky str., reminding citizens about the literary heritage of the great writer. At bus stops waiting for the bus people could read excerpts from the best Kotsyubinsky lyrical short stories: to lighten the mood, to not forget about the main things in the daily routine. And that has also been the subject of discussion in the city's media environment.

And on city- lights installed recently along Pirogova str. there were posted the stories about the life of an eminent surgeon Pirogov, portraits of N. I. Pirogov, pictures of his tomb and of N. I. Pirogov House and Museum.

This Project is an example of the European partnerships between the city authorities, a representative of the business of outdoor advertising and city community. It was incredibly nice to work on the Project, seeing visible change and feeling live feedback from the city.
During more than 2 years of joint work the city of Vinnitsa received: 10 modern transit shelters; 128 elements of art illumination. The advertising image of streets have changed. Now Vinnytsia advertising on the streets adjacent to the center has arranged according to a common European standard.

"RTM-Ukraine" has received 60 modern advertising carriers at the premium locations of Vinnitsa and became the leader of its advertising market. "RTM-Ukraine" investments in the Project has made over $ 4 million for 2 years .

This type of cooperation is called the Win-Win Principle because the benefits for all participants are obvious. The major operators of OOH-media in Europe and in the world work like that. Ukrainian OOH turns towards European standards of work.
In conclusion it should be noted that the Project in Vinnitsa was not the first for "RTM-Ukraine" in this field and won't be the last. "RTM-Ukraine" continues the systematic work in this direction; the work that combines professionalism, business approach and social responsibility of business.
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