The new illumination in Vinnytsia from "RTM-Ukraine"

The operator of outdoor advertizing has finished the first stage of the complex project of Vinnytsia streets improvement in 2014.
The new unique illumination, custom-made of "RTM-Ukraine" by the Austrian company MK ILLIMINATION, was lit over Pirogov Street on December,19 in the evening.
There are 10 three-D figures: people and birds soaring in the air. About 40 m of a garland(840 LED lamps) were used for a person figure. For bird figure 60 m of a garland(600 LED lamps) were used. The figures of people are highlighted statically, but garlands of all 5 birds are blinking. The figures look especially cool near-hand when you are passing under them. They are mounted over a boulevard zone of Pirogov St.

All elements are executed from an energy saving LED cord. The general power of the consumed energy is not more than 0,5 kW/hour. For comparison: 1 lantern lamp consumes 200-300 W/hour. Thus, all illumination takes no more electricity than 2 lanterns.
This project is the first part of works under the frame of the investment contract "About implementation of the project of complex improvement of Pirogov St. and Sobornaya St." between executive committee of Vinnytsia city council and LLC RTM-Ukraine (The executive decision № 2302 of 16.10.2014).

According to the Contract the RTM-Ukraine company has already mounted 4 transit shelters in Sobornaya St. The operator will establish 29 modern advertizing carriers of small and average city formats in Pirogov St.: 22 city-lights (1,2х1,8 m) and 7 scrolling billboards (3,14х2,32 m).

The complex improvement of Vinnytsia streets was begun by the operator in 2013. "RTM-Ukraine" established transit shelters and advertizing carriers on Kotsyubinsky Avenue and also ordered and mounted festive illumination throughout the length of the avenue then.
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