The first scrolling billboard on solar batteries has appeared in Ukraine

The modern carrier of outdoor advertising of a city middle-format (scrolling billboard) has been installed in Lesya Ukrainka Boulevard in Kiev. At night-time the carrier is illuminated with 2 polycrystalline solar batteries with a total power of 500 W.
The largest national operator of outdoor advertising RTM-Ukraine Group of Companies has placed in operation scrolling billboard on solar batteries. The operator had tested solar batteries for a month using them on dynamic carriers in Kiev before.

It has intentionally been chosen the least solar period of a year(from November to February) to check the carrier working in extremely critical conditions. At this time, when the coefficient of insolation is minimum (4), the battery converts solar energy into electric 1,5 kW a day. That allows easily to light a scrolling billboard at nighttime and to provide rotation of several advertising designs. However in the spring and in the summer when the coefficient of insolation reaches 10, the power of the transformed energy increases.

The operator of outdoor advertising "RTM-Ukraine" has been carrying out experimental installation of solar batteries on dynamic carriers for 6 month. There is already a solar-powered prism in Nikolayev and a solar-powered prism in Vinnitsa. The company pays special attention to illumination of carriers understanding the importance of light for advertisers and importance of high quality and economic streets lighting of our cities.

Scrolling billboard as an advertising carrier of an average city format is especially effective as an element of additional lighting of streets. There are modern energy-saving LED lamps in it (light-emitting diodes with a high CRI index of a color rendition are used) which give very saturated light. Scrolling billboards of «RTM-Ukraine» are made at the domestic enterprise on the basis of the Ukrainian and foreign accessories by using of energy-saving technologies. Using of solar energy makes scrolling billboard more perspective for Ukrainian cities.