Social component of outdoor advertizing

"RTM-Ukraine" gives part of its planes for socially significant messages.
social advertising in ukraine for volunteers
Since the war beginning our company supports the Ukrainian Army, transferring money in specialized funds. As well as in many other companies, our employees raise money for the help to volunteer initiatives. But there is something that can make only the operator of outdoor advertizing: to get out to inhabitants of cities messages which are significant for society.

Within several months "RTM-Ukraine" places plots in support of Ukraine and its Army on its planes. Under the law when the plot is recognized as social, it can receive the coefficient "0" allowing the operator not to pay rent for advertizing place on which this plot is exhibited.

But "RTM-Ukraine" doesn't apply for zero coefficient in these cases and pays full rent in city budgets of Kiev, Chernigov, Cherkassy, Nikolaev and other cities where these campaigns are carried out.
To the Independence Day in cooperation with Nikolay Tomenko's Fund "Native land" our company placed in Kiev plots with quotes from literary works of great Ukrainians. The project had a purpose to show unity of Ukraine. All Ukrainian geniuses were born in different corners of the country, but thought themselves a part of the unified country. Look as we see this project: words of the great people sound from advertizing billboards for inhabitants of Kiev.
Проект фонду "Рідна країна"